Minnesota Coffee
Roasting Company

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We have the best coffee around.

We are a micro roaster of specialty coffees from around the world. We take pride in offering you a great selection from some of the best coffee growing regions of and around the world. We take the time to sample and cup each coffee at a variety of roasts to find the best profile for each coffee. This will ensure that each coffee will show it's unique character and flavors. Our single origin coffees are generally roasted to a lighter or medium degree unless other wise noted. We do offer several at darker roast levels as well, these can be found under the dark roast catagory.

Specialty grade coffees are the highest grade of coffee, and are grown in limited amounts by farmers who typically farm on ten hectares of land or less. We buy Organically grown and Rainforest Alliance Certified coffees when ever they are available and meet our standards. We frequently bring in new coffees of limited quantities from new and exciting origins and offer them to you. Thanks for taking the time to look thru our brochure and enjoy some of the best coffees offered today.

With Coffee this good, Anything is possible!

Sandra Knott
Owner/ Roaster