We have the best coffee around.

  The  Minnesota Coffee Roasting Company is a micro roaster of specialty  coffees from around the world. We were founded in 2006 by Matt Knott. He  studied and worked in the culinary arts for many years before he got  into the coffee business. Matt started roasting for a small shop while  living in Alaska and soon fell in love with every aspect of the coffee  world, from the beginning of the plant's life cycle to the unique  flavors found in the cup. During every roast there is something new to  learn, and with every new crop or new origin there is something new to try and experience.

After  moving back to my origins in Minnesota, Matt decided to open up a  coffee rotisserie. From that point on, the Minnesota Coffee Roasting  Company has been roasting great, exciting coffees from all over the  world. Our shop is located in beautiful Litchfield, Minnesota. We are  located right where the prairies end and the lakes and woods of the  north country begin. From these humble origins we offer you some of the  best roasted coffees that can be found anywhere. 

So  please take a few moments to look through our brochure, buy some  coffee, and enjoy one of the greatest pleasures life can offer.  Experience the difference in your day that a great cup of coffee can  bring.